Our Story

Explosive Beginnings


    The first Burgerim restaurant


    In 2011, after the unmatched success and popularity of the first Burgerim restaurant, we began to sell franchise stores to hungry entrepreneurs.


    80 Burgerim Franchises


    Within a period of less than 2 years, the chain expanded at an explosive rate to over 80 franchised restaurants.


    World Map with Pins on Burgerim Locations


    In 2015 we began to pursue international expansion goals, with stores operating or in the process of being opened in the USA, UK, Spain, Romania, and Russia.


    Map of Burgerim Locations


    So far in 2016, we’re continuing to strengthen our brand all over the world, with new stores opening up in Asia, Israel, the USA, and more. With rave reviews from customers and franchisees alike, Burgerim continues to spread at a rapid pace across the globe.


A New Concept

Burgerim customers are promised a unique and flavorful experience at each of our locations. Choose from a duo, trio, or party box of our 2.8 oz. mini patties and get creative with patty flavors, unconventional toppings, and sauces. We provide the opportunity to make your burger as unique as you are. Our stylish restaurants are home to our trained franchisees and their staff—all well practiced in ensuring consistent and commendable customer service.

Two Mini Burgers - 2burgers
3 Gourmet Burgers - 3burgers
Burgerim Burger Pack -  pack

The Future of Burgerim

Our development goals include establishing an international footprint of thousands of Burgerim locations across the globe. We will become a market leader and set the standards of excellence in service, quality food, and customer experience.

Cravings — Meet Flavor.

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