Our Concept

Burgerim – A New Concept

Divide & Conquer

2 Mini Burgers To Go


3 Mini Burgers To Go


16 Mini Burgers

Party Box

At Burgerim, we take 8 ounces of gourmet freshly ground meat, bursting with flavor, and divide it into three mini burgers which are easy to hold and can be customized to suit anyone’s taste. With our “always more than one” approach, customers can choose from a duo, trio, or 16 party box of our 2.8 oz. mini patties.

Choices for Everyone—Everywhere

Each mini burger is yours for the building, declaring your individuality with a statement of your own special flavor and design. With 3 buns, 6 sauces, 10 patties, and 9 unconventional toppings, one Burgerim order can satisfy all of your cravings. Try hundreds of flavor profiles, from Wagyu beef and pineapple to veggie and a sunny side up egg. Build a simple burger for your kids and an unconventional masterpiece for yourself. We also provide delicious alternatives to suit dietary preferences like vegetarian, gluten free, and vegan.

Standard Toppings on the Bottom

Your mini burgers are built with standard toppings (lettuce, tomato, and onion) on the bottom so they absorb the delicious flavors you’ve chosen. You also have a choice of 9 additional special toppings that will sit above your patty, from classic grilled onion to a sunny side up egg.

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Break Down Of What Is In A Burgerim Mini Burger - burger

A Better Fast Food Experience

Fast – Consistent – Welcoming – Delivery

At Burgerim, our goal is to provide incredible taste at a modest price point in a welcoming, stylish atmosphere. In addition to a unique and flavorful experience, our designer restaurants have a modern and inviting décor, making it the perfect environment for any occasion, from date night to family outting. Our trained franchisees and their staff are well practiced in ensuring consistent and excellent customer service and, unlike most fast food restaurants, we provide delivery for your convenience.


We have created the most logical and simple business opportunity for those aspiring to find success. Since 2011, we have been franchising our innovative and successful concept in over 7 countries. When you become a Burgerim franchisee, you’ll enjoy the best possible support from a strong and experienced corporate team.

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