World-Famous Burgers Coming to Las Vegas Soon

Burgerim Burger Franchise Coming Soon to Las VegasLas Vegas earned the name “Sin City” honestly. With a long stretch of casinos, posh hotels, and eclectic restaurants, this is the number one place to indulge and enjoy in the United States. A trip to Vegas is usually a celebration on its own, but the icing on the cake is the opportunity to sample some of the nation’s best food while you’re there. There’s a reason that world famous chefs love to open restaurants in Las Vegas. It’s a city where good food is savored and the company is always sweet. Now one of the world’s most popular burger franchise is coming to Las Vegas and set to completely revolutionize the fast food scene.

Burgerim first began in 2011 and quickly grew to include dozens of locations worldwide. Las Vegas is the next stop for Burgerim with a new location coming to Sin City in the coming year. Foodies in the area are eagerly anticipating the arrival of Burgerim, thanks to its well-known reputation for a modern atmosphere, casual dining, and gourmet quality food. The claim to fame for Burgerim is the customizable burger that comes as a single or in combos of two and three, or a party box of 16. Every order provides the option for a variety of burger patties, toppings, and add-ons so that every hungry Vegas diner can have the perfect meal.

This custom take on burgers is brand new for Las Vegas. Whether you opt for a lamb burger topped with bacon and grilled onions or a salmon burger served with a sunny side egg and avocado, every bite is unique. The menu at Las Vegas Burgerim will also include crowd pleasers like chicken wings, ribeye sandwiches, and the world famous flourless chocolate cake. With quality ingredients and a fun atmosphere, Burgerim is set to be an instant success when they open in Las Vegas.

Competing in the Las Vegas food scene is never easy, but this new burger franchise is already off to a good start. Thanks to a global reputation for delicious food, friendly staff, and a chill vibe, buzz is already building about this newest burger joint coming to Vegas in the new year. The new Vegas location will be the first time Burgerim has opened a franchise in Nevada, a big deal for a state that prides itself on attracting the best restaurants in the world.

In a city that is known for its nonstop fun and 24/7 entertainment opportunities, a new restaurant is always an exciting headline. Whether you live in Las Vegas full-time or you plan to visit in the future, keep your eyes open for the launch of the brand new Burgerim. As the grand opening draws near, more details will be available so foodies can plan their first visit and the burger customizations they want to try first. One thing is for sure… this will be the hottest new burger franchise to hit Las Vegas in a very long time.


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