Why Open a Burger Restaurant?

3 Reasons Opening a Burger Restaurant is the Best Decision You’ll Ever Make

Reasons to Open a Burger Restaurant

If you’re thinking about opening a small business, you have a lot of options. Retail might be fun, but nothing can beat the fast-paced food industry. Now that you’ve decided to open a restaurant, you have to decide what style of food you want to serve. Well, if you’re anything like us that decision will be easy— burgers. Why burgers? Well, let us explain.

1. America’s Favorite Food

Since the beginning, burgers have been America’s food— well except for a brief stint in the 1900s when Upton Sinclair exposed the unsafe and unsanitary conditions in the meatpacking industry. But really, people had nothing against burgers, just the way the meat was being handled. Just like baseball, americans are always going to love burgers. They always have and always will. Talk about a reliable consumer market.

2. Burgers Are Easy to Make

Burger restaurants don’t need to make anything other than really good burgers and really good fries. Thankfully, burgers are relatively easy to make and don’t take a ridiculous amount of time to prepare. All you need is fresh meat, fresh buns, and fresh ingredients and you can make a fantastic burger in minutes. Italian restaurants, french restaurants, and sushi places all require several minutes to intricately prepare and plate their dishes. With a burger restaurant, you can make several burgers in minutes and serve exponentially more customers.

3. Burgers Don’t Lack Options

Burger restaurants of today are nothing like their predecessors. Gone are the days of the simple cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, and ketchup. We are currently heralding the era of gourmet burgers and endless flavor profiles. Just because you’re running a burger restaurant doesn’t mean your food is plain or simple, most burger places today offer special sauces, gourmet toppings, and unexpected combinations. Burgers may be easy, but they definitely aren’t plain. It isn’t unusual for burgers to be stacked almost a foot high featuring fries, fried eggs, pineapple, and everything in between.

4. Burgers Aren’t Just for Meat Lovers Anymore

If you’re worried about limiting your market to only meat lovers, you don’t need to worry. There are some truly fantastic veggies patties hitting menus everywhere (just check out our menu!) that will please any veggie-lover out there. Even if you’re a meat lover, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the filling, flavorful veggie patties being crafted today.

Burger patties aren’t being limited to only beef either. Today, it is common to see lamb burgers, pork burgers, and even bison burgers. If you don’t eat red meat, you can try a juicy chicken burger; if you’re a pescatarian, you can chow down on a salmon burger. No matter your dietary restriction, you can find a burger patty perfect for you. Our menu features 11 patties ranging from traditional beef to merguez, ensuring there is a patty option for everyone who visits our restaurant.

Thinking About Opening a Burger Restaurant?

Burgers are an american classic and something everyone loves. Today with so many different types of patty meats and truly fantastic veggie patties hitting the market, burgers are the great equalizer. If you want to open a burger restaurant, there is no reason to start from scratch. Join our franchise and gain access to our unique concept and fantastic food. You’re sure to love your burger restaurant when you open a Burgerim.



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