What Makes Bad Burger Restaurants Awful

We’re Offended Just at the Thought of a Bad Burger Restauranttypical-awful-plate-a-burger-restaurant

To us, it’s personal. Making and eating burgers for us isn’t just business. It’s a craft that needs to be carefully practiced and mastered to bring out the most delectable burger-y goodness possible to the table. People commune when they burgers all over the world. They’re perfect for a frank discussion with a friend or a happy outing with the family. That’s why we get a little ticked off when we don’t see the art being practiced in a respectful way. Here are three characteristics of bad burger restaurants and why they make us so mad.

1. Bad Meat

You can’t make a good burger if you don’t start with good meat, that’s a scientific fact (note: actually not a scientific fact, but pretty close). That’s why it’s so sad to see that almost all of the burgers that are consumed throughout the entire world are made from the worst meat available on the market: pink slime. We prefer our high-quality wagyu beef, thank you very much, or any of the other quality patties that you can select from. On our menu, you’re never going to find a burger that’s anything less than top notch quality. We need to bring you the best, because we want you to have the best burger experience possible.

2. Restricting Creativity

The role of the burger restaurant is only to guide the consumer in the right direction. That’s why we offer a huge variety of toppings, patties, and condiments, so you can creatively construct your own burger masterpiece. At bad burger restaurants, the burgers come prepackaged with the same old toppings every single time. How boring is that? We want to take you along for the journey. That’s why we’re always giving you the option to find your favorites and serve up new flavor combinations.

3. No One Cares

How many times have you walked into a burger restaurant where the employee at the front simply didn’t want to be there? He half heartedly takes your order without smiling, and you wonder why you even came to this dismal place. The truth about running a burger restaurant is you need to have people that are passionate about the experience if you want to create a great burger experience. The only way to do that is to hire the best people possible who are passionate about dining.

Burger Restaurants Should Be Happy Places

Do you want to have a burger experience that you’re actually going to be glad that you had when you walk out the door? The only way to make sure that happens is to go to a place that uses actual quality ingredients, allows you to be creative with your choices, and actually has employees that are passionate about what they’re doing. You can find all three of these things at Burgerim, where you’ll be happy to find that we care about constructing perfect burgers with your creativity, and the highest quality ingredients possible.


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