Turkey Burgers Thanksgiving Right Around the Corner

Gourmet Mini Turkery Burgers a Great Option for ThanksgivingBurgerim Turkey Burgers for Thanksgiving

Burgerim is the newest trend in gourmet burgers. Our restaurants have revolutionized the way burgers are served. At Burgerim we offer many different options including our delicious Turkey Burger that would be great for a casual dinner setting. This year, instead of slaving in a kitchen all day on Thanksgiving give us a call and we will deliver our delicious, signature turkey burger straight to your home.

Dinner Parties

When you visit a Burgerim you will find that we have three standard servings of burger trays. Our Duo, Trio are a serving of two or three burgers made to your exact taste. These dishes are great for one person or for a couple to share. Burgerim also offers a Party box serving size of sixteen mini burgers. Our mini burgers are slightly larger than the average size slider that most restaurants serve.

Are you planning a Thanksgiving feast with your closest friends? Our burgers are designed to be a main dish or can be served as a starter platter. When you call and place your order at Burgerim all of our burgers come with standard toppings of tomato, onion and lettuce. We offer many more toppings at a small additional charge. Call today and order our Party Box for your Thanksgiving feast.


At Burgerim we are known for the non-conventional toppings on our menu. Any burger connoisseur will not be disappointed by our vast selection. Our toppings include avocado, onion, mayo, mushrooms, sunny side up eggs, and many more. When you place your order, each burger can be made with different toppings. This way each bite of your food is different! Our variety is what makes us stand out from our competitors.


We offer three different types of buns so everyone can enjoy their burger. Our Burgerim bun is a signature bun, but customers can also choose a wheat bun or a gluten free bun. We want to keep everyone happy.


When most people think of burgers they automatically assume that beef is the choice. Here at Burgerim we understand that for some people beef isn’t the best option. We have a large variety of meats that include lamb, turkey, Wagyu beef, aged beef and chicken. If you still can’t find open you like we offer a veggie burger option too. Despite your taste, at Burgerim, you will find just what you are looking for.


All our meat is seasoned to perfection at Burgerim. No burger is complete without sauce of some kind. We provide a house sauce that is blended to make any burger stand out in taste. If you prefer to stick to a more familiar choice we also have mustard, ketchup, BBQ sauces and many more.  

Delivery Options

Customers are raving about the Burgerim delivery options. Some days are long and the last thing people want to do is cook when they finally make their way home. Burgerim can help make you evening meal perfect. Our party box is a popular choice for families because all the mini burgers can be made different so everyone gets their favorite topping in one simple order. All you need to do is call your local Burgerim and place our order with our friendly staff. We guarantee that your food will arrive on time, hot and correct straight to your front door.

Burgerim is changing the way burgers are made and eaten. Don’t waste your time at a drive thru waiting on the same standard food, that is often stale. These places often make mistakes in your order and the food lacks that gourmet style that provides great taste. All our Burgerim burgers are served with a side of hot seasoned fries that are designed to perfectly complement your burger.

With Thanksgiving, right around the corner, it is time to start planning your meal. Let Burgerim help make the day stress free by providing great food and quality service. Whether you chose to dine in our clean trendy restaurant or prefer the food be delivered to your home, we are here to help.

Burgerim is a fast-growing restaurant chain and is currently in over 80 locations. Our food is delicious and will never disappoint.


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