How Today’s Fast Food Franchise Market is Changing to Cater to Millennials

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Today’s young adults are known as the Millennials. They are like no generation that ever came before them because they were raised with the Internet at their fingertips and smartphones at their sides. Appealing to this new generation of customers is posing a challenge to restaurant franchises. The lingering questions seems to be stumping companies large and small: How do we attract millennials to come eat our food and become repeat customers?

This riddle continues to puzzle many franchisees. Millennials have entirely different views of eating out than their parents or grandparents. They aren’t looking for the same type of food, the same atmosphere, or the same price ranges. If you’re looking for a way to create a marketing plan that caters to your restaurant franchise, here’s what you need to know about this tech-savvy generation.

Millennials Like Eating Out

According to polls of the general population, 43% of people say they go out to eat once per week. However, if you take a poll of Millennials, it’s clear that they go out to eat more frequently than previous generations, with 53% reporting that they eat out at least once a week. With the knowledge that this age group is frequently eating out, this gives franchise owners a big boost in motivation to find ways to attract their interest. If you can impress a Millennial, it will frequently lead to repeat business and often increased profits as they spread the word with friends on social media.

Millennials Have Different Standards for “Healthy” Food

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If you ask a Baby Boomer what it means to be healthy, you’ll probably hear something about counting calories or eating a low-fat diet. Gen X tends to be interested in low-carb diets or whole foods. However, for Millennials, the key to healthy eating is all about fresh ingredients with fewer preservatives and artificial flavors. If you want to hook today’s young adults, you have to serve up food that is actually real food – think local produce, grass-fed beef, and meats sans human antibiotics. Processed food is bad food in the eyes of most millennials and that means turning to better ingredients and fresh, locally sourced vegetables and meats.

Fast Food Shaming is Real

According to recent polls, the old fast food drive-thru lines are still frequently visited by Millennials, but they definitely won’t brag about it. In fact, most young adults feel embarrassed about even occasional visits to the drive-thru where food quality is not really up to their usual standards. This negative perception of some old fast food franchise staples has hurt business among the Millennial demographic, but it hasn’t actually done a great deal of damage yet.

Fast Casual Restaurants Win the Millennial Vote

In a head to head competition, millennials eat at fast casual restaurants more often than any other age group. This category is different from quick service or typical “fast food” joints. The fast-casual restaurants serve gourmet food at budget-friendly prices. In polls, Millennials represent 51% of customers who regularly eat at the fast-casual restaurants.

Want a Winning Franchise Opportunity?

If you’re searching for a lucrative franchise opportunity that will cater to Millennials, Burgerim could be the perfect fit for you. This fast-growing franchise offers gourmet burgers, an assortment of salads, and a big menu of sandwiches and wraps. Food is served up in a fast, casual way that Millennials love. You can learn more about current Burgerim franchise opportunities here.



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