The Origin of the Burger Restaurant

Oh Burger Restaurants, We’re So Glad You Exist

The Burger Restaurant is Here to Stay

Admit it, you’re thinking about it right now. Biting into the fantastic first bite of your favorite burger. Each and every one of your favorite toppings tantalizing your tastebuds while the grease drips down. It’s one of the best feelings in the world: going bite after bite into a burger that only gets better as you go. Then, all of a sudden, it’s done. All you can think about is getting that feeling back (pretty much the reason we always serve up more than one).  Have you ever given thanks to those that paved the way, though? Do you know what the first burger restaurant was, and what it did for you and me? For one, it paved the way for a mini burger restaurant in 2011 to become an international sensation (hint: it’s us. We’re rad.) Want to know more about where the burger came from? We’ve got the lowdown for you.

Louis’ Lunch

The place that claims to be the very first burger restaurant ever is Louis’ Lunch out of New Haven, Connecticut. Starting off as a steak sandwich place, the small wagon (first food truck, too maybe?), a customer came by one day and asked for a quick lunch to go. The hurriedness resulted in Louis Lassen putting together some steak trimmings between two pieces of toast, resulting in the very first hamburger. That was in 1900, and they’ve been serving it up ever since the same exact way – between two pieces of toast (ugh, delectable buns exist now! Get with the times! Just kidding). To this day, they still maintain that the only acceptable toppings for the burger are cheese, tomato, and onion. We’re a little more progressive on that issue, allowing you to get all of the delicious topping options that you can imagine.

Oh, But Then What Happened?

Well, that pretty much brings us up to 2011, when the second best thing to the burger ever happened, we took a slider and we actually made it worth eating by introducing the world to the mini burger. Instead of spending 15 bucks in a bar for three weird tasting sliders, you can now pay much less for the same amount by eating at Burgerim. Not only that, but we’ve taken the burger and added endless customization options, including delicious patty types like wagyu beef and salmon (does it sound like we’re patting ourselves on the back yet?)  Anyway, if you want to have a mini burger experience that you’re going to want to write home about, then I don’t know why you’re still sending letters like that. It’s the age of the internet. Email is way more convenient.

The Burger Restaurant is Here to Stay

Now that we have so many pattie types and options for toppings, even the most health conscious people in the world can have burgers that are going to make their mouths water. Have you had your daily dose of burger today? If not, we need a mini trio over here, STAT! Drop by one of our restaurants and we’re going to take care of you. It won’t be the original burger like over at Louis’ Lunch, but that’s probably the reason that ours tastes so much better anyway.



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