SUPER-Cool Franchise Opportunities

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It’s not possible for everyone, but for those that can make it happen, franchising is the way to go! If you want a steady clientele because you’re on the bandwagon with a recognizable brand, then franchising is definitely for you! What works for this person may not work for that person, though, and some franchises need different quirks to make them work. Think about everything possible for you, with your cool-kid-franchising-self, and you’ll know before long what will work for you.

Customizable Burgers

This is obviously the best option because at some point, you’re going to have to be updated on all of your products by eating them yourself! All of that beautiful nourishment will go to dozens and dozens of satisfied customers everyday, and you’ll have the satisfaction of doing that the next day, too! And with a franchise as delicious as, let’s say, Burgerim, you’ll be doing a whole lot of business, and wondering how to keep up with the demand! The greatest thing about this franchise opportunity is that no two people are the same, and their orders won’t be either!


Cupcakes are a big deal. Like, a really big deal.  Cupcake shops have caught on like crazy, spreading like wildfire all over the United States, Canada, and Europe. Yeah, cupcakes are definitely a big deal, but let’s not forget their equally delicious cousins, cookies and pies! Specialty pastry bakeries have been around about at least as long as the modern madness of the cupcake phenomenon, and they’ve never failed to bring a smile to people’s faces (well, unless what they really wanted was a burger, and took a wrong turn at the light, and were too hungry to turn around). It can be fun coming up with daily specials to offer eager fans of glorious sugar creations, and you’ll be proud of yourself when engaged couples want you to be part of their special day.


While it’s hard to recommend clothing stores (mostly because clothes are WAY less tasty than burgers or dessert), franchising a clothing store is an option, for sure. Clothing stores can be fairly easy to run when it’s not the holiday season, and even during the most frantic time of the year, that is generally when you see your profits go up! For the fashion-forward and the bold and the beautiful, you’ve got your ideal job in a perfect environment.

Pet Resorts

Please, don’t laugh. This is something you can actually franchise, and people will actually come looking for and will actually pay you for. Seriously. People have to go in-and-out of town every day, but this doesn’t mean that they love their balls of fluff any less when they leave than they do when they stay. Pet resorts give pet owners peace of mind while they’re on vacation. Pet resorts give pets a fun place to play and have fun while their people are on vacation. Whoever came up with pet resorts deserves all of the Nobel Prizes we can think of. Except the one for Burgers. That belongs to Burgerim.


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