How Oren Loni Transformed a Burger into Success

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Oren Loni is no stranger to success. The passionate entrepreneur has a knack for choosing a winning restaurant concept and then scaling it rapidly to create an international franchise. He’s known for his global food empire with his most recent success story, Burgerim.

The fast casual franchise first started as a single restaurant in 2011. Oren Loni took notice of the unique concept behind Burgerim and he saw the potential for international greatness and then went to work scaling the restaurant into the global success that people know and love today.

Burgerim means “many burgers” and that’s exactly what you’ll find when you visit any Burgerim restaurant across the world. The menu features burgers, made from 2.8 ounce patties made from Wagyu beef, lamb, Spanish beef, and even salmon. Customers choose their bun, their patty, and their toppings and customize each burger to order. There are endless combinations to try and you can order up a single or a combo with two, three, or 16 delicious burgers any way you like them.

Since Oren Loni became president of Burgerim, the company has grown far faster than anyone could have imagined. With more than 10 locations operating in the states (at present), you can enjoy Loni’s burgers across North America (view our locations). When asked about the secret to his franchise success, Loni credited the simple concept and the intensive support that franchisees receive during each step of the process.

Burgerim helps new franchise owners obtain loans, find a location, perform renovations, find suppliers, and train the staff. “We do everything we can to help our store owners manage their businesses effectively and efficiently. We want them to recoup their investments quickly and to benefit from their successful restaurants,” Loni explained.

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When Loni looks back to the first time he took notice of Burgerim, he said it was a good fit from the start. “I remember the first time I ate a meal at Burgerim, I immediately knew that this concept could be a huge success all around the world.” To get it ready for expansion, Loni said that he enlisted talented chefs to design the innovative menu and he worked with his business team to redesign the looks of the stores and simplify operations. The result was Burgerim as we know it today.

Today, Oren Loni is living in Los Angeles with his family, placing his full focus on expanding Burgerim in the United States. He stated: “in order to operate businesses properly and manage them to a very high standard, the executive management must physically be in the place; and that is what I am doing and have done my whole life.”


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