Oren Loni: From Burgers to Global Hit

Those who knew Oren Loni well suspected his concept for a burger restaurant would be successful. They knew that in addition to having a fresh, innovative idea, he was also determined and had the strong business background needed to get through the inevitable rough patches every business encounters. Yet, they are surprised by how much Loni accomplished with Burgerim, which started out as a small burger place and is now a rapidly growing, wildly successful, global franchise with establishments scattered across Europe and the United States.

The only person who isn’t surprised by Burgerim’s success is Oren Loni. He’s had high expectations since he first dreamed up the idea of Burgerim Group USA, Inc.

In the Beginning

When he decided he wanted to open his very own burger place and after doing a great deal of market research, he realized there was an as-of-than unfilled desire for two things: perfectly portioned burgers and more variety. He jumped on this niche and created a menu that included several 2.8oz burger patty choices. He also developed a comprehensive list of toppings that provided customers with even more variety. Consumers loved the idea and flocked to that very first Burgerim. It wasn’t long before plans were underway to develop another Burgerim location, and another, and another.

Burgerim Comes to the United States

By 2011, Burgerim had expanded into a franchise with locations internationally. Oren Loni decided that the time had finally come to tackle the United States. He selected Los Angeles as the home for the first U.S. based Burgerim. The Los Angeles restaurant struck a cord with the locals and the staff struggled to keep up with the demand. Just like before, it wasn’t long before another Burgerim was opened and an American franchise was born. By 2017, the American version of Oren Loni’s restaurant is (at present) 10 restaurants strong.

What to Expect when You Visit Burgerim

Since it’s a franchise, there’s no variation in the menu. Every single United States Burgerim offers a selection of over 9 different 2.8oz patties. Options include beef, lamb, and vegetarian. Customers are free to order an uno, duo, trio, or a 16-burger box (and they can order more than one of the 16 burger box, making them a great choice for parties.) Once the patties are selected, customers have a seemingly endless selection of toppings that includes everything from avocado to pineapple to Burgerim’s house sauce.

Ensuring Future Success

Oren Loni isn’t just a guy who came up with an interesting concept for a burger place. He’s also someone who has strong business skills and knows how a single bad location can harm an entire franchise. He doesn’t want that to happen to Burgerim which is why he set up a corporate office that takes an active interest in the development of each new location. From the very beginning, Burgerim franchise owners get support with things like selecting the best possible location, identifying and connecting with their target market, tips on how to work with suppliers, and financial assistance.

Oren Loni and the entire Burgerim family is excited about the franchise’s future.


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