One Dollar Beers at Burgerim in Montclair

Enjoy One Dollar Beers at Burgerim MontclairGrab a Dollar Beer at Burgerim in Montclair

Whether it’s following a fun day out with friends or after a long day at work, there are times when the only thing you want to do is kick back and let someone wait on you. On these days, head out to Burgerim in Montclair where you’ll not only enjoy a modern, casual décor, great food, and friendly service, but you’ll also be able to treat yourself to one dollar beers with a purchase of any meal.

While it’s true that our reputation has been built on the gourmet mini burgers that can be customized with dozens of patty, bun, and topping combinations, we’re also quite proud of the beers found on our menu. We think you’re going to like the selection. For just one buck, you can add a beer to any of our duo or trio combos. Let’s take a look at some of the best times to head out to Burgerim to enjoy a dollar beer with friends and family.

Game Nights

When you step into the Montclair Burgerim, you’ll find several large televisions. These televisions, as well as our ample available seating, make it possible for you to gather a large group of your favorite, sports loving, friends so that you can take in your favorite game. You’ll find that not only do we provide you with a comfortable place to enjoy game night, we also save you the hassle of setting up before hand and putting things away after the game. Plus, you’ll find that the combination of our low prices and one dollar beers actually helps you save money. The combination is cheaper than all the beer, dip, chips, pretzels, and candy that you’d have consumed if you stayed home.

Date Nights

Whether it’s a first date or a night out with someone you’ve been with for a long time, you’ll find that the combination of our tasty burgers, $1 beer, and comfortable seating provides the perfect setting for a date. The great food, excellent service, and cold beer ensures that you’ll both have an enjoyable night and be looking forward to the next time you’re able to go out. Since all of our burgers can be customized, both you and your date can rest assured that you’ll enjoy the meal. If you’re here with a date, we strongly urge you to try out or flourless chocolate cake which is completely free of gluten but bursting with chocolaty flavor. It’s a perfectly shareable dessert.

Family Fun Nights

Let’s face it, there are evenings when, even though you don’t have anything particularly special in mind, that you and the rest of your family simply want to get out of the house and have a good time. On these occasions you can’t go wrong when you swing by Burgerim in Montclair and treat yourself and the rest of your family to our burger combos. The adults in the family will be able to pamper themselves with a cold, refreshing $1 beer while the kids tuck into their burgers.

We’ve created a one mini burger kid’s meals for young children. Your kids can choose a beef, veggie, or chicken burger patty. The meal includes fries, sliced cucumber, and a kid sized drink.

When You Just Want to Treat Yourself

The simple truth is that you don’t need to have an excuse in order to treat yourself to $1 beer and duo or trio combo. You’re welcome to stop in anytime you like. When you do, you can rest assured that you’ll enjoy a great meal, a cold cheap beer, and friendly service. It won’t be long before you find yourself swinging by Burgerim in Montclair for a bite to eat several times a week.

Grab a Cold One at Burgerim Today

It won’t take long before you realize that Burgerim in Montclair isn’t like any other fast food burger joint that you’ve visited in the past. It’s better. Unlike other fast food establishments that rely on low quality ingredients and fast cooking methods, Burgerim in Montclair takes pride in providing their customers with high quality gourmet food that is prepared quickly and to your exact specifications. And don’t let the burgers small size fool you. You’ll find that they’re quite filling. It’s something you have to taste for yourself in order to believe how good the beer and burgers really are. You won’t be disappointed.


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