Master Franchise Opportunities in the UK

Burgerim is proud to announce that it is now considered a master franchise opportunity in the United Kingdom.

master franchise opportunities uk

What is a Master Franchise?

While nearly everyone is familiar with the term franchise, master franchise is something different. Here’s how a master franchise opportunity works.

In a regular franchise situation, a franchisee controls one specific location. For example, if they purchased into Burgerim they might run a single Burgerim in Helena, Montana, but wouldn’t have any financial connection to any other Burgerim. However, if that same franchisee decided that they wanted to control all the Burgerim restaurants in Montana, they’d become what is known as a master franchisee.

One of the duties a master franchisee takes on is working to develop additional locations throughout their territory. Meaning that when a master franchisee takes on the UK, a big part of their responsibility will involve connecting with individuals interested in franchising opportunities and helping them establish locations in places like London, Glasgow, York, and Dublin.

Burgerim Becomes a Part of Franchise UK!

Since it was established in 2004, Franchise UK has become the premier directory investors interested in becoming part of a successful UK franchise explorer. Franchise UK not only provides interested parties with the names of UK franchises that are actively seeking investors, but is also a credible source of information about current franchising news. They also provide interested parties with a free franchising guide that enable the investor to determine if franchising is really for them.

What Burgerim Currently Seeks

When you explore the Burgerim’s Franchise UK page, you’ll see that Burgerim’s primary goal at this point is connecting with someone who’s interested in serving as a master franchisor.

  • Thorough business training that includes training in the art of customer service
  • Assistance with selecting the site of future Burgerim restaurants
  • Architect management which include renovation and build out
  • Long-term franchise support
  • National branding and marketing assistance

What Others Have to Say About Burgerim

If you’re considering becoming the U.K. master franchise for Burgerim, you should take advantage of learning from others. Since the first Burgerim started selling gourmet burgers, lots of goal-oriented individuals have taken advantage of Burgerim’s U.S.A franchising opportunities and aren’t shy about sharing their experiences with the company. Exploring the testimonials is one of the best ways for you to determine if Burgerim is a franchise you want to align yourself with.

As you sort through the Burgerim testimonials, you’ll discover that there are some people Burgerim works very well with. The company is careful to select individuals who are:

  • Team players
  • Are excited about Burgerim
  • Have some experience with the food service industry
  • Are organized
  • Enjoy working with people

The best way to decide if you and Burgerim have the potential to be a great partnership is contacting the company and learning more about how you can become the U.K. master franchiser or the owner of an American location.

Interested in Becoming Burgerim’s U.K. Master Franchiser?

The Burgerim franchise was established in 2016 and since than has opened up more than 101 different U.S. location with more about to open their doors to the public. The organization has no intention of slowing down anytime soon and is very excited about the possibility of introducing U.K. residents to their gourmet burger.

The opportunity to serve as Burgerim’s U.K. master franchise is massive. It’s not the kind of opportunity that come along on a regular basis. If it’s something you’re interested in, you should definitely contact Burgerim and get more details. We’ll happily answer all of your questions. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can help you get started on a new and exciting chapter of your life.


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