How to Throw a Los Angeles Burger Party

 Los Angeles Burger Party with Many ChoicesHow to Throw a Burger Party in Los Angeles

Are you a resident of Los Angeles? Summer is the perfect time for beach parties with friends and family. Instead of slaving over a hot grill for an entire evening to feed all your friends, call Burgerim to help. Burgerim is a new franchise that is coming on the scene. We have been around since 2011 and is already in most states across the nation. We have over 160 franchise locations currently. We plan to eventually be global so we can provide our gourmet burgers to people all over the world. Call Burgerim today and let us cook for your private burger party in Los Angeles.


At Burgerim we offer a state of the art delivery system. Our goal is to provide our customers with the convenience of having food delivered straight to their door. Whether you are planning a party on the weekend or need to feed your colleagues for a late meeting, place a delivery order and let us do the hard work for you. Call ahead to your local Burgerim and place your order with our friendly staff. When you order through Burgerim, we guarantee your meal will arrive hot, on time, and the order will always be correct. A party isn’t the only reason you may need to take advantage of Burgerim’s state of the art delivery system.

We want to make your evening as stress free as possible. Everyone in the family can order their burger the exact way they want it. With extra cheese, mushrooms, or bacon; you can customize your burgers to perfection!

How it works

Burgerim serves burgers in three sizes, Duo, Trio and a party box of sixteen burgers. Our burgers are slightly larger than the average slider served at restaurants. We want to ensure our customers leave satisfied and want to return. Our burgers come with standard toppings of tomato, onion and lettuce. For a small additional charge, you can order from our wide variety of less than conventional toppings. All our meals are served with a drink and side of our amazing signature fries. Our food won’t disappoint


Another quality of Burgerim that makes it perfect for parties is that each burger can be ordered with different toppings. If you are throwing a party on the beach a variety of burgers is exactly what you will want. Our toppings include avocados, sunny side up egg, mushrooms, sautéed onions and many more. With Burgerim the options are endless. Everyone can find something they love at Burgerim. Explore menu here.


Burgerim offers many different meat choices beyond the traditional beef. We have lamb, turkey, chicken, and Wagyu beef and aged beef. If you are a healthy foodie, Burgerim provides a healthy option with a veggie burger. We strive to have a big variety so that it fits everyone’s taste. We guarantee you will find a meat choice the whole family will eat and enjoy.

Other choices

Burgerims signature style is linked directly to variety. All our meat is cooked and seasoned to be delicious and juicy. We offer many different sauces to complement our meats and toppings. The house sauce is a blend of many different tastes. Some people prefer a more traditional sauce on their sand which so we offer that too. Ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, and BBQ sauce are other sauces we offer.

Kids meal

At Burgerim we haven’t forgotten about the smallest member of your family. We have a kid’s meals that are served with one mini burger of either beef or chicken meat choices. Fries and a drink are served on the side of each kid’s meal. We strive to make Burgerim a place where you can bring your whole family.

You can’t throw a burger party without Burgerim! With our signature hamburgers, sauces, bun choices and sides we have it all. You don’t even have to come to us. With a great delivery options, we will bring your food straight to your door. You never have to leave your party or event. Burgerim delivers to anyone in their area and your food will arrive when you are ready. Call us today and place your order!


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