How to Eat Mini Burgers

Burgerim Box of 16 Mini BurgersThe Only Wrong Way to Enjoy Mini Burgers is to Have Something Else

Eating food that isn’t mini burgers is something that should be done sparingly. Okay, okay – we can’t give any medical advice, and you should take that with a grain of salt (or a generous pinch, if they didn’t give you enough in the kitchen), but mini burgers are the most insanely delicious part of your day, and you know it. And the beauty, of course, is that you can have your mini burgers however you want them. You’ve got more options than you’ll know what to do with, and each of them is as good as the last! Don’t think that you’re going to have the same incredible, star-struck experience with just any meal. Treasure your mini burgers. Love your mini burgers. EAT. YOUR. MINI BURGERS.

By Themselves, with or without All of the Toppings

You can’t go wrong with a mini burger. You can’t. Make any modifications, and you can’t go wrong. Adding some of this and some of that won’t ruin anything, it will make it more yours than it was five seconds ago. You want bacon? Get it, and don’t forget the avocado. Fiending for extra onion? Load it on, raw and caramelized, and onion rings are also there for you because no one loves you like onion rings. Even if all you want is the patty, a little sauce, and the whole wheat bun, that’s fine, and you will have a great day.

With Fries, Onion Rings, or Veggies

Fries. Fries are sliced, deep-fried potatoes with a little bit of salt. Sometimes people like to ruin the lives of other people, and bake their fries. No one knows why that kind of evil is permissible. Fries are amazing. Crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside, fries should be the legally mandated side to all burgers of all sizes, especially mini burgers, but alas, they are not, so you’ve got some options. Anyone’s second choice to the glory of fries is glorious sweet potato fries. Because sweet potatoes are already delicious, and they are also nutritious, with all of their fiber and vitamins.

On the Go

What is the best part of mini burgers? The burger, of course, but the second-best part is the mini part. You’ve got a small enough for a small meal that goes where you go. Grab your mini burger and fries, and chow down while you’re waiting on the bus, waiting for your fiance to finish shopping, and during that too-short 30-minute break your job gives you, and calls it a ‘lunch break.’ These are the times you need mini burgers, and these are the times mini burgers will be there for you.

With Someone You Love Almost as Much as Mini Burgers

Having the best meal in the world with the best person in the world sounds like a blast! If you’re in love with mini burgers, and in love with someone, you bring them mini burgers. Introduce the thing you love to the one you love, and you’ll spend the rest of your days in blissfully perfect mini burger heaven.  


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