Halal-Certified Burgers by Burgerim

11-4 - Burgerim Gourmet Mini Burger With Halal Certified Stamp on PattyThere are few foods that are halal certified among the franchise community. Have you ever heard of a burger franchise opportunity that offers certified halal meat? At Burgerim, we not only offer halal food, but we serve it in our unique “always more than one” gourmet style. Our hamburger restaurant is designed for the everyday person who’s true to their dietary customs and traditions. It’s important for us to know that our burger lovers are satisfied, no matter what! Tradition is important to us and we strive to deliver the best dining experience in the world.

The hamburger has stood the test of time as one of the most popular and satisfying options on the menu. We love the burger, which is why we split test the burger in more than one way: offering our duo, trio, and party box. We have taken our passion for burgers to the next level and ensure that our burgers are halal certified at select locations. Our newest addition in our family of burger franchises is in Los Angeles, CA on Wilshire Boulevard, which chose to set up shop as a hamburger restaurant that’s halal certified. The burger has been reinvented and modified multiple times by many eateries to cater to the foodie. Our service is to offer a premium taste and style to fit the demographic and value system appropriately.

The finest restaurants in the world serve gourmet burgers, which is why it made sense to create a fun and lively fast casual dining restaurant that serves the best gourmet burgers. Having a presence on the food scene is important, but dominating the burger scene comes first. Crafting a halal-certified menu with price points that won’t break the bank is what we set out to do. There are many restaurants that overprice their gourmet burgers, and we acknowledge that it would be wise and practical to serve a halal menu that’s at a price point that makes sense. We believe in quality food, a quality dining experience, and an innovative way of delivering the burgers to our customers.

How many halal fast casual restaurants are there? Do you have a favorite franchise that you go to? Have you been to a halal fast food restaurant lately? At our Burgerim halal restaurants, you’ll be able to enjoy the casual dining atmosphere with the best gourmet burgers in your city. We have a variety of options on our menu for the halal-minded eater. Our lamb burger is out of the world—the greatest! You can customize your lamb burger in any way you want—add as many toppings and choose your bun; you won’t be disappointed.

Our Mediterranean-style option is a huge hit! We offer salmon, spicy beef, lamb, and a lot more to go with your choices. Many halal eaters enjoy leaner meat for lunch and dinner. We can essentially accommodate our customers with any type of burger flavor that they’re in the mood for. Satisfying your hunger with a juicy burger is important to us; pairing your burgers with the gourmet fries and onion rings is essential. You must check out our state-of-the-art soda machine! It’s new and caters to every soda drinker. If you’re more inclined to something a bit stronger, and are 21 or older, we also serve beer.

Our burger franchises also offer delivery for convenience. For those days that you don’t have time to dine in for lunch or dinner, you can use our mobile app and order online or call for takeout. We will be more than happy to accommodate your burger delivery and deliver your burgers and fries to your office, school, or home. No matter the size of the order, we will accommodate your requests.

Planning on having a party with family and friends? Our burger chain will deliver the finest 100% halal-certified food and burgers to your door. Why order at other places when you have a Burgerim near you? Our party box is made up of 16 different hamburgers—2.8 ounces a piece. As mentioned earlier, you can create an order to your unique liking. Want to explore a breakfast burger for dinner? Put an egg on it, and you’ll be craving our sunny side burger for weeks. Want to eat some something a little bit more Mediterranean? Of course you do—which is why you can order up to 16 lamb burgers, customized so each is made to perfection!


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