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Ever wanted to own a successful halal-certified burger franchise? It is important to consider that the halal franchise model is new to many countries, the U.S. included. Because this franchise opportunity concept is unfamiliar to halal eaters, it is important for us to build customer trust in our services and products. Our motto is “always more than one,” and we found that our brand visibility has been widely successful by working with great people, offering a quality experience (dining, food, and variety), and by being a continued support to everyone involved in the operations.

Our burger chain speaks for itself as one of the best burgers in the world. A variety of options when it comes to the type of burger you want to eat—and this concept catapulted our franchise to the next level as an authority in the hamburger restaurant business. Halal-certified franchises are growing exponentially in all directions around the states. We have opportunities for everyone from seasoned foodies to young business owners using the franchising format to start exciting concepts. Launching fast casual dining restaurants and adapting the franchise system to address dietary needs in certain locations may be a pivotal component in improving the franchise as well as managing a highly profitable and loyal business.

Americans love hamburgers! For halal eaters, eating halal-certified meats is the most important part of choosing where to eat out. At Burgerim, we synergized the most important aspects and created a burger franchise that offers the best of both worlds: halal-certified mini burgers in packages of two, three, and sixteen at a time.

A Halal of Opportunity

There is no secret formula in a running a successful halal franchise opportunity in your area. Whether you want to open in Boca Raton, Florida or in Las Vegas, Nevada, utilizing a model plan of action is prudent for many years of growth. Opening a halal hamburger restaurant can be a life changing moment in your life. This can be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. Complete our form and a franchise director will contact you.

Power Up with Gourmet Burgers

The hamburger has been an all-American food for decades. Whether you prefer your burger straight off the grill or baked to perfection in an oven, everyone has a preference. If you are ready to start an amazing halal gourmet burger franchise, it is time to consider opening a Burgerim near you. We have a new way of serving your favorite food that you will not want to miss. Let’s look at what makes Burgerim the best burger restaurant around.

Our Concept

We have a trendy new way to serve the traditional hamburger that people are falling in love with across the country. We serve our burgers in duos, trios, or a sixteen-count party box. Each burger is slightly larger than the standard slider that most restaurants serve. This way you get to enjoy an ample amount of food that is made to your specific taste. When you order any of our serving sizes, you can order each sandwich with different toppings. Burgerim burgers come with standard toppings of lettuce, tomato, and onion. We also offer many more delicious toppings you can add for a small fee per topping.


At Burgerim, we take pride in our wide variety of toppings, bun choices, and sauces. Our meat is seasoned to perfection, and we add a delicious serving of fries to the side of each of our plates. Burgerim has many different meats to choose from including lamb, chicken, beef, and turkey. For those who don’t eat meat, you’ll love our veggie burger. At Burgerim, our goal is to make all our customers happy and satisfied.

We have a variety of buns—including white, wheat, and gluten-free options. Our toppings include avocado, sunny side up eggs, jalapenos, mushrooms and many more. Our meat is seasoned to perfection. To finish your gourmet burger, we have a plentiful amount of sauces available. Our house sauce is the perfect complement to your Burgerim burger.


We offer a food delivery option for our customers to enjoy. Have you had a long day at work or need to feed a group of your colleagues? Let Burgerim help. All you need to do is call your local Burgerim franchise and place your order. We guarantee that your food will arrive hot, on time, and correct. When you choose a drive thru, it is common to have your order mangled, in addition to being given food that has been sitting under warmers for hours and is less than fresh. Not with Burgerim. Our food is always fresh and straight off the grill. Burgerim is the perfect solution to the end of a long day.

We specialize in gourmet burgers. This new movement of great taste and innovative service is sweeping the nation. Our toppings are delicious, and our service is top notch. We offer a kid’s meal that includes one mini burger, a side of fries, and a drink for the smallest member of your family.

Other options

If burgers aren’t your food of choice, then we have other options. We offer grilled chicken sandwiches that are served with delicious lettuce, tomato, and grilled onion. If you are more interested in red meat, then we have a ribeye sandwich that will melt in your mouth. Finally, our chicken sandwich is a great option and is served with sautéed mushrooms, lettuce, and tomato. Just like the rest of our food, these sandwiches are served with your choice of toppings. We are known to cater to the Mediterranean eater—offering a leaner meat, such as our famous lamb or salmon burgers.

Gourmet burgers are not your average burgers off the grill. They are often topped with a  unique combination of toppings that cause a taste sensation on your palate. Burgerim is a hamburger restaurant where you can order your burger any way you want. Whether you are looking for the traditional lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise or you’re in search of a more exhilarating experience, give Burgerim a try.

Our restaurant franchise started out in 2011 and has seen booming success since then. In less than two years, we have grown to over 80 franchises across the nation. We are gaining global success so prospective franchisees all over the world can enjoy running their very own gourmet burger chain. Our trendy restaurants provide a great dining experience in addition to amazing service and delicious food.


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