Gourmet Food in a Fast, Casual Way Tops the Charts in Lewisville

Lewisville Burgerim

Lewisville is a vibrant Texas community just minutes from DFW International Airport. This city is a place where family friendly recreation abounds and you can spend a full week exploring the retail shops and restaurants. In 2017, Lewisville’s restaurant scene is rapidly evolving. With the arrival of the new Lewisville Burgerim coming soon to 5040 TX-121, locals are pumped to experience a brand new food trend that has soared to global popularity since Burgerim began in 2011. Here is a look at how restaurants are changing in north Texas this year and what you can expect from the new Lewisville Burgerim when it opens.

Out with the Old

Residents of Lewisville tend to stay busy. They are constantly fighting traffic in the daily commute and rushing kids to school, soccer games, and community events. In the rush of life, fast food has often dominated the restaurant scene in this area, but that’s all about to change. The old greasy fast food joints that ruled Lewisville for years and now declining as customers want fresh ingredients and cleaner food options to feed their growing families.

In with the New

In 2017, Lewisville diners still want quick dining options, but the expectations are changing. Instead of hitting a drive-thru, locals are more interested in fast, casual dining restaurants where they can sit down for a meal without waiting half an hour for their order to come to the table. The new Burgerim will be the perfect fit for those hungry families, offering a casual restaurant setting where they can grab a quick meal without sacrificing quality ingredients. Burgerim’s claim to fame is the gourmet burgers, served in singles or combos of two or three. If you need to feed a big family or take lunch back to the office, grab a party box with 16 burgers to feed a crowd.

Customized Meals

Forget the old fast food combos where every customer gets the same thing. At Burgerim, you have endless options to customize your burgers. Choose from a wide variety of gourmet burgers made from salmon, turkey, chorizo, or Wagyu beef. Top your favorite protein with fun add-ons like sunny side eggs, mushrooms, avocado, or pineapple. If you’re not in the mood for burgers, grab a gourmet salad, a freshly made wrap, or some spicy chicken wings. At Burgerim, you can always find a new, customized option to fit your craving.

Lewisville Restaurant Delivery

One of the most exciting things about the new Burgerim coming to Lewisville in 2017 is the delivery option. When you’ve had a long day and you don’t feel like cooking or even going out to a restaurant, Burgerim will bring dinner to you! Delivery is one of the features that sets Burgerim apart from other fast casual restaurants in the Lewisville area. Order up a party box of burgers for an office lunch or for your kid’s birthday party.

Whether you’re looking for a salad made from fresh, local ingredients or you’re craving burgers or hot wings, the new Burgerim coming soon to Lewisville will have exactly what you need. Stay tuned for details of the grand openings as launch day draws near.


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