Awesomely Traditional Ways to Eat Our Patties

Gourmet Mini Burgers on different types of buns to satisfy all tastesOur Patties’ Beginnings Are as Rad as Their Flavor!

Don’t think for a second that a standard fast-casual burger restaurant can do what we’ve done: pulling meats and seasonings from all over the world, mixing and pounding them down into the little burgers that you can’t help but smile at isn’t for the faint of heart. Look, we get it – at the end of the day, a Burgerim is a burger is a burger. But what will you remember about your burger? Will you remember how your best friend’s ancestors went through great pains to breed your dinner, or will you even bother to ask? Just because we thought you should know, here’s a quick melee of meaty beginnings, something you should care about because you can totally use this to impress a guy, especially if he’s already laughing at your jokes.


Veggie burgers aren’t as new as you may think: does the word, ‘falafel’ sound familiar to you? Little chickpea patties dropped in oil and browned to perfection came a long time before patties made of mushrooms, soy, and other tasty veggies. Falafel has been around for at least a thousand years, making going meat-free an easy and tasty treat. Today, falafel is enjoyed a in many different parts of the world, and loved by many people for its reliable clean protein and beautifully nutty flavor. Swap out the chickpeas for lentils and a couple other veggies, and lessen the frying time, and you’ve got a Veggie Burger(im).

Wagyu will Rock Yu

The cool things about Japan could make a list that will wrap around the block, but let’s just focus on the food, specifically on the beef. Kobe beef has been popular in the United States since the early 2000s, and the glorious meaty-meatiness has been adored by burger establishment patrons, but it wasn’t enough – enter Wagyu, something that Japan has rightfully hidden from the rest of the world for centuries. Aged beef that’s always tender and never tough, Wagyu low-fat, high-flavor profile is just the ‘oomf’ that the regular burger has been missing. There are even some studies to suggest that Wagyu is the healthiest beef you can get…thank goodness you can get it in mini-burger doses!

Spicy. Lamb. Sausage.

Let those words sink in for a minute. There is a spicy meat – yes, a spicy meat, and it is sausage. Maybe this is a minimum requirement for some sausage, but with spices from North Africa, this will make your ears perk: lamb is the main meat in this divine sausage. Sweet, sweet lamb. That glamorous, high-class nosh that doesn’t actually take effort to taste good. Mix in a little beef, and you’ve got merguez – a traditional sausage eaten across the Middle East, and perpetual creator of smiles. It is spicy. It is lamb. It is sausage. You’re welcome.

The Happy Pink Fish We All Love

Now, before you go on and on about how salmon burgers are done, and overdone, answer this: how many salmon mini-burgers have you actually tried with Burgerim’s exquisite sauce? If your answer is any less than 20, you’re missing out. Light, fresh, and flavorful, your palate will never know what you hit you. Salmon appear in mythology from native nations in Europe and the present-day Americas, with some nations assigning a special spiritual or ceremonial value to the delicious, healthy fish. Get your spirit right with a salmon mini-burger.  


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