7 Gourmet Burgers You Have to Try

New Gourmet Burgers You Have to Try

Gourmet Burgers on a Plate

When you’re looking for gourmet burgers, you should go for something that’s anything but ordinary. That fact that you’re looking for gourmet means you have a more sophisticated pallette. Therefore, you deserve more than the traditional beef burger. Here are seven delicious gourmet burgers to try today!

Merguez (Spicy Beef)

Merguez is a sausage that’s seasoned with spices such as chili pepper, cumin, garlic, and more. If you’re looking for a little kick in your burger and you enjoy spicy foods, merguez may be the best new gourmet burger for you. Try our merguez patty with our house sauce, or mayo to complement the spices.


Turkey burgers don’t have the best reputation, but we’re here to prove it wrong! A gourmet turkey burger with amazing additions is sure to change your mind about this burger patty option. Especially for those who don’t eat red meat, a turkey burger is the perfect satisfactory meal. Order a turkey burger with an exciting topping like pineapple and add spicy mayo to take your taste buds on a wild ride!


Lamb isn’t just reserved for the 7 course meals in life! We believe this delicious meat should be readily available for even the most casual of meals. If you’re looking for a delicious gourmet burger fast, our lamb burgers are the perfect solution.


If you’ve ever had a ground chicken burger, you probably weren’t overly impressed. When made at home, this variety of gourmet burger can be quite boring. Well, we’ve stepped up the chicken burger game, offering juicy gourmet chicken burgers. Adding on an unusual topping like sauteed mushrooms or a sunny side up egg will add the perfect complement in flavor.


Not a red meat or poultry eater? Just looking for something different? A salmon burger is a new spin on gourmet burgers that we know you’ll love. The delicious flavors of this tasty fish mixed with sauces like our house sauce or spicy mayo create the perfect fusion of flavor. Add on an gourmet topping like grilled tomato, pineapple, or avocado for a delicious gourmet masterpiece.


Even if you’re not a vegetarian, a vegetarian burger can be the perfect complement to a hearty meal. Shocking, right? But believe it or not, vegetarian burgers can be juicy and delicious. Especially with the right toppings and sauce. Spice up your gourmet veggie burgers with spicy mayo or a combination of savory vegetarian toppings like sauteed mushrooms or grilled tomato.


If you haven’t yet tried a buffalo burger, you’re missing out! While curating our menu, we knew we’d have to include this juicy and delicious type of patty. Our gourmet burgers work great with buffalo meat and a range of different sauces and toppings.

The Burgerim Gourmet Burger Concept

We expect more from burgers and so should you. Burgerim is anything but an ordinary fast food burger restaurant. Our menu features gourmet burgers and a ton of different choices for how to outfit them. Select from a duo, trio, or 16-pack of our gourmet burgers and trick them out with outlandish toppings and savory sauces.



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