4 Interesting Burger Patties You Have to Try

Trying Different Patties is Half the Fun of Varied Burgersmini-burger-patties-with-fresh-ground-beef

When you go to a burger joint, you always want to have more than one on the menu. There’s nothing like trying a new burger patty type. It’s an exciting feeling. You go through all of the different toppings and try to find what’s going to complement your choice. It’s truly a creative process. An art, even. It’s the craft you were born to do. You know the importance of getting that burger just right. The reward is so tantalizing. Delectable bite after bite of meaty (or veggie!) goodness. Want to know the most interesting patty types out there that you can try on your next trip? Here are four that come highly recommended.

1. Salmon

Starting off strong, this one is great for people who are on a diet. Filled with the kind of non-saturated fat that’s great for you, salmon is one of the most interesting choices for your burger experience. Try pairing it with avocado and sautéed mushrooms, it’s quite good. Probably the most unexpected on the list, salmon is a contender for the most interesting patty type out there.

2. Lamb

Lamb has an incredibly distinctive taste that people either love or hate. Either way, it’s one of the most interesting types of burger that exist, so everyone should give them a try. Lamb is one of the most tender cuts of meat out there, with a mild, but gamey taste that many people call their favorite. It might be yours, too.

3. Veggie

One of the secrets that we don’t tell the meat lovers is that the veggie burger actually tastes insanely good. Although you’re going to be disappointed no matter where you go if you’re looking for a veggie burger that tastes exactly like beef, you’ll fall in love with the texture and taste that can only belong to a veggie burger. We often have meat eaters come back for the veggie burger even after they’ve only tried it on a dare. Are you a carnivore? Things are actually pretty tasty over in omnivore land, too.

4. Merguez

Do you wish that your burger had just a bit of a kick to it? That’s exactly what you get with the spicy merguez patty. Perfect for the spice lover that wants to construct a masterpiece beyond compare. On this one, avocado, jalapeno, pineapple, and bacon are all solid picks in the topping department. Mix the sweet with the spicy and taste the perfection that is a spicy merguez burger when you’re creating your masterpiece.

Try These Burger Patties for a Delectable Experience

With an “always more than one” approach, you’re going to be able to taste all of the different kinds of interesting patties that you want on your next burger excursion. Pioneer new flavor combinations, find new favorites, try different condiments, but most importantly, make sure that you always have a trusty burger by your side to keep your stomach full, and your mouth watering for more.


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