3 Things That Set Gourmet Burgers Apart

What Makes Gourmet Burgers Different?

Gourmet Burgers Set Themselves Apart from Other Burgers

If you haven’t sat down at a gourmet burger restaurant, you might be wondering what sets them apart from the burgers that you might find at your normal fast food chain. From a distance it can seem like you’re paying more for nothing, but nothing could be further from the truth. The higher quality the ingredients are, the better the burger is going to taste. That’s always going to be true. That’s among the reasons why gourmet burgers are always going to be better than the stuff that they serve at fast food chains.

1. Fresh Toppings

Do you think when you go to the fast food burger joint down the street that they’re handpicking the best produce available from local farmers? The answer is probably not. Gourmet burger restaurants not only carry a wide variety of toppings that you can choose from, but they also buy them fresh, straight from the farm, so you’re always getting the most flavor out of every single bite. Go to a gourmet burger restaurant and never wonder about the quality of the toppings ever again. Feels like that should happen everywhere, right?

2. Highest Quality Meat

You not only get a wide variety  of different patties that you can choose from when you go to a gourmet burger restaurant, you also get the very best quality patties that are available. At a fast food restaurant, you can expect for your burger to be made from the worst cut of meat from the cow, instead of the wagyu beef or higher when you go to a gourmet burger joint. Also, enjoy different types of patties like salmon, turkey, veggie, and more. Whatever you decide on getting, it’s going to be the highest quality and well worth paying more than 99 cents for.

3. Balanced to Perfection

Gourmet chefs take normal burgers and make them extraordinary. Burger chefs have dedicated their lives to carefully balancing flavors to end up giving you the very best burger possible. When you’re treating yourself, you want to have that kind of dedication behind the flavors that end up going into your meal. You don’t deserve anything less than that. The proportions of toppings to meat, cheese, and bun are going to be balanced to perfection. Instead of having a teenager haphazardly throwing your burger together in a gross kitchen, you deserve to have a gourmet chef carefully construct your burger so that every bite is as delectable as the last.

Delicious, Beautiful Gourmet Burgers

What’s the difference between a gourmet burger and a fast food chain burger? The gourmet burger is the one that’s going to keep you salivating and coming back for more. Never tried a gourmet burger? We’ve got exactly what you want. With our gourmet mini burgers and an “always more than one” approach to eating burgers, you’re going to savor every bite and end up full, satisfied, and happy. After what else could you ask for? Fall in love with a gourmet burger today.



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